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    This web site provides adjusted and homogenized climate data for many climatological stations in Canada. These data were created for use in climate research including climate change studies. They incorporate a number of adjustments applied to the original station data to address shifts due to changes in instruments and in observing procedures. Sometimes the observations from several stations were joined to generate a long time series. Users are strongly cautioned to determine the data suitability for their application. They should also be aware that ongoing research on adjustment techniques may result in future revisions of the datasets. The datasets are updated annually with the most recent data. The adjusted and homogenized data are provided for four climate elements: Surface air temperature, Precipitation, Surface pressure, and Surface wind speed. References Mekis, É. and L.A. Vincent, 2011: An overview of the second generation adjusted daily precipitation dataset for trend analysis in Canada. Atmosphere-Ocean, 49(2), 163-177. Vincent, L. A., M. M. Hartwell, and X. L. Wang, 2020: A third generation of homogenized temperature for trend analysis and monitoring changes in Canada’s climate. Atmosphere-Ocean., 58:3, 173-191, doi:10.1080/07055900.2020.1765728. Wan, H., X. L. Wang, V. R. Swail, 2010: Homogenization and trend analysis of Canadian near-surface wind speeds. Journal of Climate, 23, 1209-1225. Wan, H., X. L. Wang, V. R. Swail, 2007: A quality assurance system for Canadian hourly pressure data. J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol., 46, 1804-1817.